General FAQ

Q. What is the Ridgecrest Halloween Parade? 
A. This free community event for neighbors and kids of all ages to show off their costumes and have a good time.  Either grab a lawn chair and set up curbside to enjoy or line up at the parade start line and walk the route. All are welcome. We are committed to this remaining a safe and family-friendly event.

Q. What are the event details? 
A. Saturday, October 29th, 3-5PM, downtown Ridgecrest (Shoreline). The event will always be the Saturday before Halloween.  In 2022, the parade will begin at 3pm, the corner of 165th and 8th.  

Q. My house is on the parade route. What does that mean for me?  
A. Congrats on having front row seats! We hope you’ll grab a chair and enjoy.
Traffic: There will be short road closures for the parade.  Check the Route FAQ for specific times. 
Treats: If you’d like to hand out candy, please hand out curbside. Parade participants will not walk up to homes. 

Q. How can I get involved?
A. Thank you for asking! This is a community led and executed event.  We are a 100% volunteer dreamt and led event with an annual starting budget of $0. Our goal is to provide 500 bagged treats for our parade-goers under 18. We have run out each year and will create as many bags as we have treats to fill. 
We rely on generous individual donations, fantastic sponsors, and passionate volunteers every year to make this happen. Together we’ll keep making this event better every year! 
Donate candy and treats: We have candy drop off baskets at both the Ridgecrest Public House and Drumlin between Oct 1 and Oct 26th. Candy and treats must be manufacturer sealed, as you’d find in a store. 
Monetary donations: Please donate through our website; the Venmo account is connected to one of the parade co-founders.  We keep the administrative costs to a minimum so the money goes directly to candy, treats, and activities for the kids.
Business and Association Sponsorship: Please donate through our Sponsor sign-up so we can can also capture your business’s information to include in our Sponsor Thank You section.  
Volunteer: We are a 100% volunteer based event and not affiliated with any single organization. We welcome those with a passion for providing a fun and free event for kids of all ages and bringing our community together to have fun! See our Volunteer Opp page to sign-up. 

Q. What is the history of the Ridgecrest Halloween Parade? 
A. We began as an email in 2020 from parent to parent wondering how to keep the spirit of Halloween alive during a pandemic. Soon, a small group had formed and over coffee and beers the parade was born.  Logistics to keep the event safe for all and include kids of all ages were shared through word of mouth. We saw about 500 ghosts and ghouls in 2020, over 1300 in 2021. We can’t wait to see what this year holds! 

Q. How can I contact the parade committee?
A. Please see our Contact Us info